martes, 5 de julio de 2016

What is 2D3 Animation?

my name is Javier Gámez (the 'Dreamer') and, of course, I have a dream. I wish for artists to retake traditional animation and bring it back to its former glory on the big screen.
Because the Industry needs it. As we all know, 2D animation is truly poetry in motion. It's just perfect the way it is and, in spite of its limitations, it's one of the most expressive and artistic forms of communication in the world.

Nowadays, 2D animation film production is being driven close to extinction in the Industry. 3D animation prevailed because it's much more interactive, faster to refine, correct mistakes and other 'cool' thing.

2D animation cannot shine through in its current state, unless… we reinvent it.

- Traditional animators’ work will have its chance on the big screen again. Traditional artists' work will connect with the audience once more.

- Redrawing a character is 8 times faster with automatic in-betweens (like in 3D).

- Lines, dots and spatters can be animated (outline and fill too).

- This grants complete freedom to use any artistic media (watercolours, oils, pastels, pencil, charcoal…) and styles (realism, pointillism, comic, impressionism, abstract…) that were not possible before.

- The process of animating is a combination of drawn key poses and animation curves (from 3D), which makes refining and correcting much easier and faster.

- All 3D software are enough, no new plug-ins or costs are needed. Just ask me to be a guest speaker in your company so I can teach your team about the 2D3 animation and include my name on the credits.

- New staff is not needed. The regular tool development and animation teams can do it.

My goal is to have every 2D animation lover (like me) thrilled watching animated films at cinemas once again. To break the bars of pre-production stages for artists and retake the front line position in the animation process.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I love 3D animation too (and I do not wish to replace it). But I truly believe that 3D, 2D and stop-motion can coexist in today’s Industry.

This is my dream. If you love traditional animation as much as I do, join me…

                Spread this dream

                                               and change the World!

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